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Here’s a little free advice to anyone who follows my page and runs a brand of their own, no matter what kind:

Small business owner, musician, writer, blogger, artist or otherwise- whether “on the side,” or full time entrepreneur, you should be building an email list.

It might seem like an archaic or outdated way to do things, but the fact is, it’s still one of the most effective ways to communicate with the people who want to follow or interact with your brand.

With Facebook and other social media platforms limiting unpaid posts more than ever, effectively crippling the reach of smaller, more niche brands and artists, an email list provides a direct channel with which to convey information, provide value, and update your people on whatever you’ve got going on.

You can use a service like Mailchimp (I’m not affiliated with them, it’s just the one most people use) free of charge for up to 2000 subscribers and create totally personalized emails in a few minutes, delivering them straight to the people who actually show you they are interested by signing up in the first place- much more “connected” to the content you provide there than just seeing it pop up in one of their “feeds.”

Once you have an email list service, like Mailchimp, you can either add it as a pop-up to your page (if you are tech savvy or have a web guy, like I do), or you can share the link on your Facebook and Instagram like I’m about to do.

Next, give people a reason to sign up. Why should they give a damn about signing up for your list?

For example, if you sign up for mine at that little link above- you’ll get exclusive content to your email from time to time (no spam), that isn’t available on my website- a lot of brief pieces just like this one, mostly business and brand related, as well as discount codes and other thank-you’s to show my appreciation for the people who were interested enough to read this long post to the end.

So, click the link, sign up for the email list, and then start building your own.