The Black Signal

When I started this more “personal” site, sorting out what kind of content would be presented here created something of a challenge for me.

I wanted it to be distinct from my other projects, while still “scratching an itch” for me creatively, providing a roof under which I could collect my various interests in order to not dilute the signal of my other endeavors.

Today, Halloween 2018, is the first “introductory episode” of The Black Signal, which will be a broadcast on a semi-regular basis (we are currently aiming for 1 a month).

The Black Signal pairs me with co-host Voidhaunter (who some of you might know from his work both for some of my projects as well as his own, “Wolfchild A.D.”), as we discuss film, music, books, art and other esoteric topics that fall into our shared aesthetic.

Happy Halloween, maniacs- here is the first brief episode, and a bonus video of a song some of you will recognize.

The first full length episode of The Black Signal is tentatively scheduled to go live November 19th, a date significant to us.

Stay tuned for dark transmissions.