The True Barbarians

In the new global culture, the internet is the massive bazaar, the teeming marketplace filled with prophets and merchants of every sort, prostitutes and royalty, liars and politicians- all terms which are admittedly a bit redundant.

The connected fibers of the unseen web that bring everyone together nowadays are shining filaments of tech and dark light, enshrouding the entire globe in a mesh of information, data- a million different strands of numbers and possibilities at a million miles an hour.

Communities are no longer physical- they are digital.

Subcultures exist, not in the “socially distanced” nightclubs of the megacity, but in hashtags, behind paywalls, hidden beneath the dark and dangerous waves of the “deep web.”

The whole population is tied together on various platforms of social media and broadcasting centers- YouTube, Instagram, Bitchute, PornHub, Twitter- the names go on and on, but the function is the same:

Catalogue the individual using pixels and profiles until his wants and desires and likes and dislikes can be known and targeted by those who will pay to know- the crystal ball of content and capital, its shimmering surface capturing billions of lives within venn diagrams and consumer funnels.

To be marketed to is to exist as an acknowledged part of this global marketplace-

A marketplace circulating more than 100 trillion dollars, selling the same 4 things over and over and over and over: more money, more sex, more time, and more approval.

In some form or another, every product that can be bought and sold falls into one of these categories, and you’ve bought and sold or been bought and sold to fulfill them.

But, as we’ve seen in the past few months, there are some who are unwelcome in this environment- whose money is no good here, whose voice is an unwelcome dissonance to the hawkers shrieking their wares.

Those who have been placed outside the gates and left to their own devices in a world where information and commerce is everything…the gatekeepers want neither your information, nor your commerce.

But why?

How could it be that individuals who are completely viable buyers and sellers in this Malthusian marketing scheme are being cast out like Adam and Eve from a veritable Eden of infinite choice and endless content?

The answer is simply that they speak the wrong language.

The term barbarian, in ancient times, denoted one who did not speak the native language of the great civilization who used the term as a pejorative- someone who was a savage, of lesser culture than those who had been raised in the great empire.

And it is true- we do not speak the same language.

But much worse than this is that our culture itself is barbaric. It subscribes to different mythologies, places value on different virtues, sneers at various things that are held by the city-dwellers as gospel…

In short- we are all wrong for life within the walls of Empire.

They know that “wrong belief” is dangerous, because it spreads like a pandemic- like a media-hyped superflu, infecting others and changing them into something truly hateful to those who control the massive tent cities and skyscraper shopping malls of this glittering world-

It changes them into people who believe there is more to life than what the glowing box or handheld device can sell to us, or indoctrinate us with.

People who look at the great towering screens that claw their way to the heavens alongside massive buildings, corporate towers and centers of banking and world trade, thundering their message out across millions of humans of diverse nations, and say “this is a lie.”

And so, they cast us out of their cities, out of their markets and digital gathering places- out into the wilderness of the real world.

According to Forbes, in 2020, “Average daily time spent consuming content is now six hours and 59 minutes, which includes phone, TV, and other forms of digital media.”

7 hours of the day, given over to receiving, feeding, absorbing the messages directly into our eyes, ears and brains.

This is nearly half the waking hours spent consuming content- consider for a moment, and let that sink in.

With people from all over consuming the same shows, the same ads, the same messages- they slowly become…the same.

We see this in any airport in the world- people from nations all over the globe wearing the same sneakers, the same brands, using the same phones, watching the same music videos- slowly becoming one amorphous mass of buyers, all parroting the same opinions.

Opinions almost certainly not held by those holding the feeder end of the hose, but that they have a vested interest in making people believe- and belief comes through consumption.

We are what we eat. We are what we consume.

Imagine how strange the barbarians of those ancient times seemed to those who had grown up on the feed troughs of the interpretatio Romana- their different dress, their different way of speaking, their different gods, their different dreams and desires and interactions and social structuring- none of it came from the marketplace.

It came from itself- organically grown.

We might think that this sort of idea, in this day and age, is long gone.

Cultures that exist of themselves, for themselves, in stark contrast to the way of the modern world.

But they are not gone- and more, they are being created all the time.

Each time another group is rejected from the confines of the ruling society, they either form the modern equivalent of leper colonies or outlaw tribes.

Whimpering pariahs or underground empires.

This weekend I watched dozens of men and women engage fully in the physical world, moving more than 20 tons of gravel and stone into the woods by hand to beautify a temple to gods of our own tribe.

Training together with weights and the arts of martial violence- grappling, striking, and more.

Feasting throughout the day on food prepared lovingly by the women of the tribe, as they sang, laughed, and provided words of encouragement to the men, and pitched in alongside them to see that the day’s work was completed.

I heard music of our own making played while men fought bareknuckle in the hall we built together, and while laughter roared out into the night sky from those bound together by oath and belief, laughing at the beauty and wonder and power and love of it all.

And among it all, I saw deeds done for the sake of themselves.

13 years of righteous action upon righteous action, physical networks built, and real culture created.

So take heart- out on the fringes, out in the wild lands, there is hope, and strength, and a righteous disdain for the world that first tried to sell us into bondage, and then rejected us outright when we cast off its gospel of slavery and stupidity.

There is a resistance.

Our resistance is called the Wolves, it is called love, it is called loyalty.

What will yours be?