The Wild Hunt

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In our time, everyone wants to be “an individual.”

From constantly heard slogans like “self made” and “lone wolf” to the desperately sought after “originality,” we are often sold this concept that the best thing in the world is to be a man alone against the world.

Even in the family, for many years, it has become common to live in places far removed from cousins and aunts and uncles, grandparents barely more than strangers to many of their grandchildren.

The nuclear family, sufficient unto itself, without kith or community.

Often, this sense of isolation remains with an individual throughout their lives, as they struggle with concepts like “who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What is the purpose of life?”

We have been deracinated- totally torn from a sense of place, of identity, of people- and so in this modern world, it is often replaced with other, more base “tribal identifiers.”

Brand loyalty. Sports teams. What kind of music you listen to, or what consumer-driven subculture you “belong to.”

Our time looks to make distinction between masses of people only by their buying habits- creating new pastimes and entertainments, new identities for people to assign for themselves, so that in this way the human can still feel “original,” and “unique,” while at the same time fulfilling the deep need to belong.

But these false types of tribalism and culture complicate and confuse a primal truth- a truth that is simple and undeniable:

We already have an identity- one that is written into every cell, every bone, every splash of blood.

We are here because our parents made us- and theirs before them, back to the beginning.

We are a mathematical improbability, and the very fact that we are here- human life partaking in this strange existence on planet Earth, defies any kind of logical answer- so we must look to the mythological.

We are here because we were shaped into existence by the very processes of the cosmos itself, something so great that man has called it only things like “God,” or “the Universal Mind.”

Since the dawn of man, if such a thing exists, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people met and mingled their DNA over the course of tens of thousands of years- all leading to you.

All so you could now live.

What will you do with this knowledge? 

How will you spend these few brief years of life that you’ve been given?

We can agonize over the questions, over the seeming lack of purpose, or we can choose what we will believe for ourselves.

My belief is that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

Your people, back to the beginning, live in your blood in a very real and very present way, and they exist onward through time, within you and through you. 

Your body, in all its strange wonder, is both a fortress and a reliquary, holding the sacred remnants of the past in your present form- from the progenitors of your line, to you, the sacred flame has never died, and you carry it in your heart.

It has been entrusted to you.

Your ancestors exist within your guts and grey matter as feelings, thoughts, behaviors, personality and ideas, and they are allied to you and you to them. You exist as a whole, not cut-off, or by yourself, but as part of a mighty host, a furious host, who want to *live* and be great, and be remembered and honored.

These beliefs are not superstitions- they are the closest thing to true reality we may ever know, and so our choices on this dark earth matter.

What we do will echo in the blood of our descendants, and shape them for generations.

To paralyze ourselves with questions of “why?” is to waste the time we’ve been given to do.

Should we not build temples of these houses of blood and bone?

Should we not seek greatness, and achieve lives of value by choosing a path and walking it with all our heart, all our strength, and all of our love?

We are not individuals.

We are a Furious Host. 

A Wild Hunt- bending the bow of the soul, to fire the arrows of deed and truth into the mark of the eternal, and the immortal.

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