Terraforming the Frontier

What follows is the third piece in an ongoing project I will add to with works in various formats that will combine into a coherent whole. 

It will lay out a kind of “hero’s journey” for the modern age, in an ordered process, as well as tools needful for the way. 

Whoever you are, I hope you find it useful.

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The road toward our ultimate goal must begin, as all things, with the first tenuous steps.

Before we set out into the world on a heroic endeavor, it is imperative we begin to take on, at the very least, some of the elements of the hero, in order to begin creating the internal microenvironment and worldview necessary to complete our task.

The first thing we have to ask ourselves is the question: “what kind of man am I?” With the second following closely on the heels, “what kind of man do I want to be?”

Simple questions, but maybe the most important ones we will ever ask ourselves, and ones that must be asked again and again as we take stock and make course corrections throughout our lives.

I always start out by thinking “what kind of man would I want to be friends with?” And not just friends in the broader sense in which the word is often used, but, what kind of man would I want for my brother?

What traits define him? What does his daily structure and discipline look like? How does he carry himself? What does he look like? How does he speak, and on what does he spend his time and money?

Creating this ideal in one’s mind begins to roughly hammer out an archetype, and in a way, this archetype will become something of a self-made god to us.

It will represent ourselves, in ideal, in potential, and beckon us onward toward its example, like an unattainable yet desirable goal that we will forever be climbing the peaks in search of.

Here, as in other areas, I find the term “realistic” to be somewhat distasteful.

I do not want, in this life, to create a “realistic” goal of divinity to chase or be continually inspired by. I do not want my aims and ambitions to be simply “attainable with moderate efforts.”

I believe this to be one of the most insidious symptoms of the modern virus, this half-hearted striving toward what is “good enough.”

It reminds one of marketing terms and weak-chinned ideologies and platitudes like “fine just the way you are,” or “beautiful at any size” and the like.

Our aims should be legendary, and by that guiding light, so should our aesthetic, our routines, our lifestyles.

Why settle for anything less than the best we can possibly attain?

Looking at the rank and file of humanity as a measuring stick and saying “at least I’m better than that,” is akin to the alcoholic looking at the heroin addict and saying “man, you need to get your shit together.”

In a world this troubled and ill, it is not desirable to set our sights on anything less than the mythical, or, upon contemporary figures so impressive, so radical in their achievements that they contain a spark of those epic men of bygone years, and bring to mind names like Hercules, Achilles, Alexander, Sigurd, and so on.

For ten thousand years and ten times ten thousand, your ancestors gave their blood and sacrificed their lives so that you might live and breathe on this strange and dark world.

It is not enough to acknowledge the concept with the mind, intellectually. It must be fixed in the soul and branded upon the heart, and this realization must be like fire in our veins. 

We must sacrifice our own lives for greatness, to make the countless gallons of blood that were spilled, that pumped through the living temples of your ancestral line count for something.

We must do so, because through these ritualized lives of action and strength, struggle and ordeal, archetype and ideal, we ourselves can become something more than men, even while we are still living.

We can become a myth. 

Once we have begun the cultivation process within ourselves, terraforming the inner frontiers, we have already begun the process of changing the outer ones as well.

When we change ourselves, we change the world, because we perceive it, and we are in it, and of it. One fragment of the divine, glittering like a star within the great void of time and space.

But- we are not alone out here in the vast and empty night.

Other lights shine as well, and flicker at different frequencies- once we have chosen to be a star, a light among lights, constellations will form around us.

These will be made of others who have chosen, as we have, to light up the darkness with our lives, to burn, to become great and massive fires, beacons…

And ultimately, to burn so brightly, so hot, with our brief time here, that when we are gone, we leave a black hole in our wake- our presence so strong in life that its gravity is still felt heavily across the universe.

We can choose to be alone, disconnected, solitary- but, like the tree on the mountainside, it is a lonely and starving existence.

Better to be a tree in a forest, surrounded with other giants, competing for nutrient and sun, yet forming a symbiosis with those organisms that were meant to function together.

To connect with the righteous man or woman in this cosmos is to have found similar frequency.

Because of this, we must keep in mind a few things:

First, we can only attract the kinds of people that are on the same frequency as we are, even if we believe ourselves to be on another.

If we are constantly surrounded by the unhappy, the unmotivated, the victimized, the ill-equipped- we are being sent a vital message to improve.

When we improve ourselves, as a duty, day by day, the quality of individual around us improves as well- either current connections strengthen themselves as a side-effect of the proximity and sympathetic movement, or the connection breaks as the frequency becomes too polarized.

Second, that as our frequency changes and becomes of a higher order, we will be challenged as we move to those upper planes of experience and existence- it can be tempting for us to remain on a lower level as the strongest, rather than to move to a higher one as the humblest.

But this upward movement, and its accompanying trials and ordeals is what makes up the life of the heroic individual, striving for truth, striving for perfect experience, striving for the ultimate standard of existence- a snake shedding its skin, endlessly seeking what lies beyond.

We, and no other, are responsible for our own growth and learning, and thereby, we, and no other, are responsible for the kinds of individual connections we make, and the overall strength and glory of our own “constellation.”

Man deserves the exact kinds of friends and lovers he will accept.

Whatever he will accept from himself, this is what he will be rewarded with from those around him.

If he accepts in himself laziness, weakness, dishonesty, disloyalty, and ugliness of spirit-

He will be surrounded by the slothful, the feeble, the liar, the betrayer, and the hideous…

And he will be one of them, a morass of humanity darkening the skies of existence.


If he tirelessly works to cultivate within himself honor, truth, beauty, loyalty, and strength, he will be one of the self-made elect:

One of a host of warriors, standing for the undying principles of love, truth and beauty.

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