Human Pitbull Protocol BASIC


The Human Pitbull Protocol is a stripped down, no bullshit strength and conditioning program that lends a special emphasis to neck, grip and forearm training, and a setup and split style that has grapplers and other martial artists in mind.

For too long, strength programs for martial artists have either been written by strength coaches with no idea of how grueling and taxing a regular MMA or BJJ schedule can be on the body, leading to misprogramming and, in many cases, overtraining.

Or, we see goofball programming by pencilnecks that are all circuit based, interpretive mace and kettlebell dancing and other equally useless protocols.

With Human Pitbull, Paul has created a rock solid strength and conditioning regime that will lead to steady strength gains, admirable hypertrophy, fearsome forearms and terrifying necks- all without keeping you in the weight pile for hours, or compromising your other training.

Whether you’re a fighter, or someone who doesn’t have the time or inclination to spend all your time on the weights but still desire to be a lean, mean, crushing machine- Human Pitbull Protocol is for you.

Get some.

Your purchase of the BASIC Protocol gives you immediate access to a folder with the following:

  1. PDF of Human Pitbull Protocol
  2. PDF of sample 4 week program
  3. More than an hour of new video on everything from mindset and philosophy to live demonstrations of the neck and forearm workouts included in the Protocol

Paul lays everything out, including thoughts on diet, intensity of training, balance between martial arts and strength/conditioning work in his usual no-bullshit style.