The Seed Volume 1


Boring people start businesses…heroes start a mythology.

When you set out to create a brand, you must be a living hurricane of fire and passion to turn your work into a full-blown Homeric saga.

This work requires a level of dedication and involvement that few are actually prepared for – and even fewer are willing to give what it takes day in and day out for years to come.

When you build a strong brand, you aren’t building a selling mechanism around some product… You’re creating a place where people can belong.

In this newly edited and revised collection, Paul walks you through the process of creating a living, breathing brand-sidestepping common pitfalls and errors on the way.

Filled with practical, instant usable advice to get you started on, or improving, your work immediately, the Seed Vol. 1 is a treasure trove of information for the intrepid entrepreneur.

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