“Vakandibok” Signed Paperback


“Vakandibok’s function is contained in its title: a Taufr of Awakening.

Taufr is an Old Norse word referring to a magically created living object, given its own purpose and fate by its creator, its own specific function to carry out.

In this case, Waggener has done so with profound insight and his usual lack of pretense, and given life to a field manual for the spiritual explorer. In these pages are laid out Waggener’s understanding of the soul complex, both wonderfully unique and immensely practical at the same time.

This little book is reminiscent at times of a Zen treatise, at others a Sutra from the Upanishads, and at still others the brutal efficiency of a weight training program. In Waggener’s work, we are led through explanations of how to write and perform “rune-galdr,” creating multidimensional sigils through the use of controlled visualization, and other, more strange and altogether more difficult concepts to grasp and master, such as “the Lodge,” in which he instructs us on the creation of non-physical ritual space, to be returned to and built in increasing complexity as we progress in mental strength.

Part Two of the work, entitled “A Crown of Fire,” is a phenomenal (if a bit too brief) parable of a young man on his path to becoming a magician, touching on the many concepts laid out in the first part of the book in a delightful and evocative prose.

This book is destined to become a treasured part of the collection of any who are drawn to the study of the occult, particularly those who are drawn to the Work itself.”


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